Worlds Most Expensive Jeans

Jeans are the easiest thing to wear! You don’t have to look after it that it as to be ironed or anything special. You can wear it like the way you want it to be, without caring if it gets torn. Because everything that happens to it becomes a fashion.

Well here I am talking about the most expensive jeans in the world; well it is none other than the Dussault Apparel’s Trashed Denim Jeans which are worth $250,000. These are the jeans which contain sixteen 1-carat rubies, 26 0.05 carat rubies, 8 0.05 carat diamonds and 1080 grams of 18k white gold. These pair of jeans is washed 13 times and is total handmade stuff. Man, if you have a hot pocket then you really should look for it.

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