World Most Expensive Swiss Army Knife

Do not bring this one on your next camping outdoors or sportfishing vacation. Victorinox Europe Military is generating these incredibly extravagant blades more likely to sit on a display than in the wallet of an outdoorsman…or Macgyver.

The seashells of the most costly Europe Military blade are made of genuine jewelry 950. The inset lengthwise has 430 stunning gemstones providing the complete weight to close to 4 carats.

All of the resources involved with the costly blades are personalized with gemstones too, except for the forceps. If you were to buy the most costly Europe Military Knife on the planet, it would also involve a strong precious metal or jewelry cycle and a elegant Bonfort case. Oh really, and it would cost you $70,000 US.

Swiss Military blades are well-known for their innovative developments in blade design. They generate all types of blades from simple to extremely magnificent. Other Europe Military blades with exciting features involve a blade with a USB memory stick and one that increases as an MP3 gamer. These blades might be for you for anyone in the market for a awesome blade but lack $70 fantastic to strike.

Large Blade
Small Blade
Nail File and Nail Cleaner
Orange-Peeler with Screwdriver

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