World Most Expensive Straight Razor

For anyone the type of guy who controls to cut himself with a protection edge, the globe's most costly edge is not for you. If you have stable palms, an gratitude of excellent design and the type of funds that allows you buy a $30,000 edge, though, then you may want to take a look at what Hommage has designed for people like you.

Known for their deluxe individual looking after items, Feature organization Hommage certainly life up to their popularity with the Damascene Razor. The name comes from the Damascus precious metal used to create the edge. While the approach for making the Real Damascus experienced during the Crusades has been missing since the 18th century, contemporary design welding methods have designed identical knives. The 128 levels of precious metal in the Damascene Razor generate a increased and torsion design much like those seen in Real Damascus knives.

The edge is certainly not the only costly content used to create this excessively designed immediately edge, though. The razor’s sheath is jewelry coated and it comes in a lacquered present box of Tanzanian anigrĂ© timber.

If you want one, though, you will better buy it now. The most costly immediately edge is a unique product.

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