World Most Expensive Green Tea

Natural tea is thought to prevent cancer malignancy, cardiac arrest and even space. Its benefits, while mostly unconfirmed, have created it popular in the Civilized community where dark-colored is typically the tea of choice. The most expensive eco-friendly tea on the planet, however, still comes from Asia.

Produced by Noble Pink Tea Company, this eco-friendly tea is available in a 750ml wine. It’s called Master of Natural Masa Extremely Top quality and it’s created with unusual actually leaves handpicked from Shizuoka Prefecture and implanted for three days. If you were anticipating anything but the best eco-friendly tea actually leaves, you are going to be disappointed—this deluxe tea has no ingredients.

Only thirty-six containers of Masa Extremely Top quality are available. They are delivered in a wood made box and can be had for a awesome $2,500.

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