World Most Expensive Golf Bag

Overlook that inexpensive tennis bag you have been using. If you need a bag to go with your costly groups and costly soccer tennis ball sign, and you really want to make an impression on people then what you want is the most costly tennis bag on the planet.

The Damier Geant Golfing Bag, designed by Louis Vuitton, is known as after the textile used in its generation. A reasonable quantity of cowhide went into the bag, as well, generating up the pipes, platform and components of the detachable neck secure. The bag functions a zip-up deal with, a variety of purses, a moving vacation deal with and even an outdoor umbrella to be used in situation of unanticipated water. The bag goes completely with a Louis Vuitton deluxe iPhone situation. If all that does not persuade you, consider the actual treasure—this magnificent bag already has four shirts in it!

The globe's most costly tennis bag is costing $9,750 at the very least. We all know that the abundant engage in tennis, so I did not be amazed to find out that these elements provide like pancakes.

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