World Most Expensive Barbie Doll

I was speaking with a friend who really prefers Barbie toys little women and requested me if I could write something on it, so I came up with the idea of writing this article about the most costly Barbie toys little women on the planet. All of you must have heard the tune that says “I am a Barbie toys child, in the Barbie toys community life in nasty, it’s fantastic!” well after seeing these barbies, I am sure you’ll be preference the nasty life much more!

It is the first toy for a daughter that makes her smile! The design behind the Barbie toys, is all about assurance and design, like no matter where or which classification you fit, if you are a working woman or a attractive college child, if you are a queen or a mother! You walk with assurance and have the best style that everybody drops for. It is said to be a role design for area who have the ambitions of becoming the best girl when they grow up. Well some people really love to gather Barbie toys items, and I am sure this post will be really helpful for you if you want to know about the most costly Barbie toys little women on the planet.

Its name is Canturi Barbie toys and is worth $540,780. She has the best skin and a totally new hair do. Her great smoky face and the dark-colored dress with corresponding claw coloring boost her sexiness!

Her bracelets is designed by the well known bracelets designer Stefan Canturi, and the bracelets involves a pendant with 3 carats white gemstones organized in a cubist design and also has a unusual lilac gemstones of Modern australia. In the center of the pendant there is an ruby of 1 size. Her small hands with dark-colored claw coloring and an beautiful gemstones looks superb! No doubt this Barbie toys is costly.

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