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World Most Expensive Cricket Bat

The system used to credit ranking the best in cricket is none other than a bat, and all of you cricket followers must be alert to the significance of a bat’s style in cricket. Well the present publish is about the most costly bat on the planet and that has value more than £240,000. The best element about this bat is that it lowers 42% of t he moaning in the manage that helps you to save from any stress or damage. This bat has the electronica technical alerts and moaning taking in content which not only takes up the moaning but also changes the shockwaves into warm. This bat is designed by the University of Aerospace, Mechanical and Developing Technological innovation at RMIT Higher education, Victoria.

The bat is certainly not put available up until now, because it is still under the progression stage. The expensiveness is using the truth that the batsman will not be suffering from any irritation while wonderful the soccer tennis ball. The price of the bat will be way more than the present costly hits on the planet.


This strange pair of shoes need their own dental plan.

Chinese Animal Lover Adopts 140 Stray Dogs

Li Zongwen, a former chef from Wuhan, has made online headlines after Chinese media discovered he has taken in 140 stray dogs from the outskirts of the city. More images after the break...
The 59-year-old man began adopting strays from the streets of Wuhan in 2009, and in just two years time he has taken-in an impressive 140 hungry dogs. He put a roof over their heads, but admits he couldn’t afford to feed all of them, without donations from other local animal lovers. Food and rent for Mr. Li and his big family of canines cost around 5,000 yuan ($760) which is way more than he could pay on his own.

Although sharing a home with 140 animals isn’t exactly an easy task, considering the noise he has to put up with at night, and the considerable mess he has to clean up after them, Li Zongwen doesn’t complain. On the contrary, he likes having them around as he prepares a big bowl of dog chow, using a garden shovel, and even eats his own meals in their company. Maybe he should get in touch with Ha Wenjin, the woman who looks after 1,500 stray dogs and 200 cats, I’m sure they have a lot to learn from each other.

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There has always been a lot of controversy regarding the way Chinese people treat dogs and cats, especially with gory videos of dogs being violently killed and prepared as food, but in reality, but people like Li Zongwen are proof that things are changing in the far east. For centuries, most Chinese people have been too concerned with feeding themselves and their families to waste food and affection on animals, but in recent years their attitude towards dogs has been gradually changing.
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World Most Expensive Wedding

Wedding is the globe's best rapport between two individuals in really like, and they want it to be as much unique as anything on the planet. Especially the area, who have the fantasy of a attractive knight in shining armor and an stylish marriage, well some individuals want their marriage to be among the most awesome and costly wedding ceremonies to be mentioned in the top ones. So, this publish that we have here is about the most costly marriage on the planet. It is wedding of Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia.

It occurred on Eighteenth Nov, 2004 and price was around $78 thousand. All of you know about Vanisha Mittal, as she is the child of the billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, well her marriage took location at Vaux le Vicomte, which is an stylish 17 millennium chateau in This particular language. The invites sent out were unique like 20 website gold book! And the list of wedding contains 100 recipes by Calcutta’s most wonderful cooking. The marriage went on for five times and each day was packed with many wonderful products that you can ever fantasy about. The actions of Shahrukh Khan and Kylie Minogue were extremely valued by the visitors and everyone.


This lifelike picture is not what you would first assume…

It may be hard to believe but this is not a photograph. It is actually a pencil drawing by the 22 year old, Italian self-taught artist, Diego Fazio. He perfected the photorealism technique over a period of several years.

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