World Most Expensive Gift Card

What do billionaires get each other for Christmas? If they are anything like the rest of us the answer will, in most cases, be “gift cards”. The difference, of course, is in the money connected to the card. Halcyon Jet, for example, is providing a $5 thousand Fantasy Card. That may just be the most costly present certificate on the planet.

Dream Card associates have access to Halcyon’s system of rent routes for one-way visits, game visits and single or several routes to and from nearly any location on the planet. Members have a wide range of aircraft, from Lear jets to choppers to even large jets, from which to choose their recommended method of travel. Consumers even get their own PAS (Private Flying Specialist) and a personal assistant to help make dinner and amusement agreements through an unique system of deluxe rooms, services and good confirmed to fulfill their excellent style.

Those of us who do not have $5,000,000 to extra on the globe's most costly present certificate can take relaxation, though, in understanding that we can still give our family Amazon on the net for up to $5,000.

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  1. Other name of Christmas should be occasion of sharing gifts, sharing gift is common thing on it.