World Most Expensive Wedding Dress Cost $12 Million

A marriage is an costly occasion for even the most humble couple. Imagine, then, the marriage that includes the most costly marriage wear the world. The Diamond Wedding Dress is a alliance of Renee Strauss, owner of a highly successful wedding salon in Beverly Hills, and Martin Katz, who deals in rare jewelry. Featuring 150 carats of gemstones, the attire is sought after at US $12 thousand.

The globe's most costly marriage gown was revealed at the leading Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal present in February of 2006. Later in the year, Dubai’s Fashion & Expensive diamonds present also featured a gown recognized as the globe's most costly marriage attire. Yumi Katsura’s design, however, is only sought after at $8.5 thousand. Despite being only the second most costly marriage attire, it features 1,000 pearl jewelry and one of the globe's only two 5 size white gold or platinum gemstones.

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