The World's Smallest Aquarium

Russian miniaturist Anatoly Konenko has been creating miniatures for thirty years now. He invented his own technology on writing on rice, poppy seeds, as well as human hair. He has recently created the world's smallest aquarium with live fish. This tiny tank is made of fibreglass and there are living algae on the bottom. There is even real fish there, which size doesn’t exceed 4 mm.

The size of the tank is 30 x 24 x 14 mm, its volume: 10 ml. which makes 2 teaspoons.

It took Anatoly three weeks to create the tank, but the most difficult part was to build a micro air compressor.

Beliebers Can Never Say Never To Justin Bieber

Bieber fever is officially an international epidemic. Thousands of screaming girls holding up Justin Bieber photos and posters surrounded London’s O2 Arena to catch a glimpse of the singing sensation at his Never Say Never European premiere. The film documents Bieber’s rise form a drum-playing toddler to an international star.

The Worlds Greatest Gypsum Cave

Take a dive with us into the world’s greatest gypsum cave. Located near Orda village, Ordynskaya Cave is the most extended underwater cave in Russia.