"Gold Bullion Making" - Photo Collection

 If gold is what warms the cockles of your heart, this slide show is going to be pure bliss for you! Just check out everything gold- from gold granules and gold bars to lots of ancient jewelry that then gets converted to gold bullion!

Firstly, all the jewelry is collected in special containers in furnaces and heated at the extremely high temperature of 1064 degrees Celsius. The gold needs to be melted completed to be able to go further in the process. As the temperature increases, the density of gold decreases and it becomes a molten metal of bright yellow, slightly green color. The molten metal is poured into casts, where it becomes an intense orange yellow color, until it cools. This is then engraved with its weight as well as trademarked. 999 per thousand gold is equal to 24 carat purity, the most desirable in gold production.

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