Toothpick Artist Takes Nine Months to Create Jaw-Dropping Replica of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia

It has taken nine months and more than 35,000 toothpicks – but Stan Munro has once again proved he is a real stickler for detail with the unveiling of his latest masterpiece. The model-making maestro has recreated Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia out of nothing but tiny pieces of wood and PVA glue.

And the stunning construction is entirely faithful to Antoni Gaudi’s original design – with the Basilica’s nativity facade and highly detailed spires all visible.

 Stan Munro spent a staggering nine months creating this toothpick replica of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia.

 The Eiffel Tower was among over 50 iconic landmarks built by Stan Munro using toothpicks.

Munro’s work has featured a number of British buildings, among them Tower Bridge and the Cutty Sark.

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