Mexico's Maria Jose Cristerna live version of the vampire

Mexican vampire live action live action vampire Mexico: Mexico " live version of vampire " Maria Jose Cristerna.

The movie "Twilight" series "True Blood" and "Vampire Diaries" momentum increase. In these works, the original vampire image is timid, screenwriter them into fine facial features, distribution of wild beauty of the sexy stuff, people began to produce their vision is full of infinite

Many girls will not only include the best vampire partner type, and even fantasy can join the ranks of the vampire. In the USA and Mexico have a girl, this personally, I hope you can live forever as a vampire!

35-year-old, living in Mexico, Christine (Maria Jose Cristerna), because of a violent 17-year-old marriage, so she hopes to become a vampire initiation of the idea.

Previously, she looks handsome, in addition to make-up techniques and clothing to dress up as a vampire, she still implanted titanium forehead, so that the head grow sharp angle, that these angles are Christine brings her source of strength

Then, she ripped through the ring to fight in the face, but also changed the color of the pupil eyes, is to make them look more like a vampire part.

In addition to these changes, tattoos for Kristin, is also a spiritual liberation. On from the cheek, down to the feet, all covered with dense tattoos, designs are lovely stars, but also scary face portrait.

Mexico's Maria Jose Cristerna live version of the vampire

Now Christine is like themselves, but for his body tattoos very proud. Now, her only wish is that hope as a genuine, immortal vampire.

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  1. there no doubt that vampire tattoos designs really made these people look like real vampires . They are looking more dreadful than vampires.