Italian girl swimmer Federica Pellegrini

Italian Olympic team has not been announced candidates for the London Olympics opening ceremony of the standard-bearer, but the "mermaid" Federica Pellegrini took the lead do not want to bearer, the move has triggered a burst of criticism, but she still unmoved, and verbal counterattack.

Federica Pellegrini very powerful personality, and rejected when the standard-bearer of the remarks received criticism  also respond to their own blog, choking people who criticize her either an idiot, just do not know the standard-bearer in ceremony on the station eight hours of hard work.

 2004 Athens Olympics in the women's 200 meters freestyle project won a silver medal, when she was 16 years old, became the youngest medal Italian players, followed by Beijing Olympic Games, Rome, Shanghai World Championships with won the war, constantly gold, record results qualified to act as the absolute standard-bearer.

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