Cricket Bat Manufacture - Amazing Photos

Kashmir Willow Tree planting


The drawknife is used to remove mass from the cleft for the initial part of the shaping of the cricket bat. The knife is drawn towards you and you can either take a thick or thin shaving out of the willow....

It is a very versatile tool and can be very precise but also very dangerous!!!!


The travisher is used for creating concave shapes in the back of the cricket bat. You can yet various different radi of travisher. In the picture you can see a No4 and No5 travisher, the larger the number the more curved the concave is that it creates. Also in the bottom corner you’ll see a couple of Spokeshaves these are used to shape the shoulders and the handle of the cricket bat but can be used anywhere on the cleft. [A drawknife can also be used for shaping the shoulders and the handle of the cricket bat]

Planes and stuff

In the picture below you can see two wooden planes. The one in the far end is a round bottom plane, this is used for concave shaping the back of the cricket bat. It is in fact a pattern plane and the wooden bottom [plate] and cutting blades can be changed to get different shapes. The one closet to you is a normal flat bottom plane used on the front, back and sides of the cricket bat. Wooden planes are used because they are in general lighter and therefore your arm aches less after shaping a few cricket bats.

Cricket Bat Manufacturing Factory

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