12 Cool and Creative Sleeping Bags

The most creative and cool sleeping bag designs from all over the world.

Polo Backpack: Designed by Anna Perugini; it has a built-in face cover and pillow that instantly transforms into a suitable place to sleep on a moment's notice.

Inflatable Sleeping Bag: This award winning design concept of the 'Sleeping Coat', functions both as a windbreaker and as a sleeping bag. The lightweight waterproof fabric keeps the body warm and can be inflated to create a comfortable sleeping bag......

Evolon Sleeping Bag: This cozy sleeping bag made from Evolon microfibre fabric keeps even tiniest of the particles sized 10-40 ┬Ám out.

Two-Legged Sleeping Bag: Unlike the traditional sleeping bags, this creative sleeping bag from Japan provides you mobility.

ASCII's Model Sleeping Bag: This cool sleeping bag comes from Japan's ASCII.

Dreamwalker Sleeping Bag: A practical sleeping bag that lets you walk around while still keeping you warm; just lie down and close it up when you are ready to sleep.

Shark Sleeping Bag:

Shark Sleeping Bag:
Wearable Sleeping Bags: These are the creations of designer Jin Hong; men's waterproof jacket with built in sleeping bag and women's sleeping bag dress.

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