Clever and Creative Smart Car Advertisements

Smart Car Lock Advertisement: Oversized bike locks were created and placed over Smart cars in major Canadian cities to display it's ability to park anywhere...

Smart Car Corner Billboard Advertisement: Clever billboard promotes Smart car in an interesting way.

Smart Car Bridge Advertisement: A creative billboard was placed on a bridge in Rotterdam for the launch of Smart Fortwo. Whenever the bridge opened, the car appeared to jump over to the other side displaying its power and speed that could be seen from miles away.

Smart Car Shoehorn Advertisement: Oversized shoehorns were built and placed behind Smart cars in major Canadian cities to display that they can be parked in the tightest spaces.

Smart Car Slim Billboard Advertisement: This Smart car advertisement cleverly shows exactly how the Smart car is good at finding a spot where no other car could possibly park.

Smart Car Fuel Efficiency Advertisement: "In case of a fuel price increase, break the glass".

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