14 Cool and Creative Candle Designs

Collection of cool candles and creative candle designs from all over the world.

Money Candle: This interesting candle comes as a wad of 100-dollar bills.
BIC Lighter Candle: This one is an exact wax replica of the Bic disposable lighter....
Hand Gesture Candles: These creative candles come from Atelier WM.

Light Bulb Candle: 

Bacon Candles: What makes these interesting is that these are said to smell "exactly like bacon frying in the pan."

Eggcandles: These unusual candles have a delightful surprise in store; hidden inside is bright yellow that appears later once the white outer cover is done.

Cupcake Candles: Delicious looking candles!

Road Cone Candles: A road cone delimits urban spaces and a candle illuminates domestic spaces in an ephemeral way. By combining these two concepts we get this cone candle that temporarily lights up and delimits spaces.

Frank's Candles: Creation of artist Frank who takes candlelight to the next level with his candles - a series of beautiful, stainless steel oil lamps that shapes intricate silhouettes of pine, magnolia, or cedar trees on the wall.

Gourd Candles: 

Lipstick Candle:

Ketchup Bottle Candle: 

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