Clever and Creative Smart Car Advertisements

Smart Car Lock Advertisement: Oversized bike locks were created and placed over Smart cars in major Canadian cities to display it's ability to park anywhere...

Man robs bank for one dollar to get health care

Picture by Ben Goff / Gaston Gazette
An unemployed man desperate for health care has been charged with carrying out a bizarre bank robbery where he demanded the cashier hand over – just ONE DOLLAR....

Funny signs-Painter Bill

Real-Life Hobbit Shire Exists in the Hillsides of Montana

The Hobbit House of Monatana, located in a man-made shire built by LOTR enthusiast Steve Michaels and his wife Christine, is a must-see attraction for any self-respecting Tolkien fan.
This isn’t the first time someone builds a real-life hobbit house, but this particular house situated in the hillsides of northwest Montana is actually a tourist guesthouse available for only $245 a night. So if you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to live as a hobbit, now’s your chance. But unlike the simple homes featured in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels, the Hobbit House of Montana comes with a modern king-size bedroom, designer kitchen with customized granite counters, HD Blu-Ray television set, XM Radio, three phones and WiFi. The LOTR theme, however, is everywhere, from the little rock handles on the drawers, to the Gandalf stained glass doors, or The One Ring dangling from the loft....

Inside outside

English Student Has Tongue Lengthened So She Can Speak Korean

Rhiannon Brooksbank-Jones, a young student from Nottingham, England, underwent surgery to have her tongue lengthened after her dentist suggested it might be the reason she couldn’t pronounce certain Korean sounds.
Although she’s never been to South Korea, Rhiannon is really passionate about the language and culture of the Asian country, and dreams of living and working there later in her life. Her fascination with everything Korean started a few years back, after she listened to Korean pop and watched some television shows at a friend’s house. Pretty soon, all her free time was taken up by anything related to Korea, and she even began attending a Korean church in Nottingham......

Most Expensive Hockey Cards

Wayne Gretzky, also known as ‘The Great One’, is likely the most well known hockey player in the world. He also previously owned the most expensive baseball card, Honus Wagner tobacco card which later sold for $2.35 million.
One card of Gretzky himself recently sold for an astonishing $94,163. The 1979-80 Wayne Gretzky O-Pee-Chee rookie card was sold by California-based SCP Auctions in May, 2011....

Volleyball Petey

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Most Expensive Razor

Tired of shelling out dough on your Mach3 replacement razor heads? Have you been waiting to upgrade your current razor, sure that a razor with 7 blades will soon trump the 5 present on a Gilette Fusion? Anyone who owns the Zafiro Iridium razor won’t care about the blade coutn on your expensive razor. Their razor blades are made out of pure sapphire.....

14 Cool and Creative Candle Designs

Collection of cool candles and creative candle designs from all over the world.

Money Candle: This interesting candle comes as a wad of 100-dollar bills.
BIC Lighter Candle: This one is an exact wax replica of the Bic disposable lighter....


How to make an elephant from towels

People say if you have an elephant statue or something that resembles elephant in your house it means money and luck!!! So why dont you create on of these cute elephants from a pair of towels.....

Where did you hide all the fruits?

Father of two keeps the streets safe - Dressed as a ninja

A crime-fighting father-of-two has taken to the streets at night to protect the public and foil dozens of attacks – dressed as a NINJA.

By day martial arts expert Ken Andre, 33, spends time looking after his wife Leigh, 27, and their two young sons like any normal dad.....

The new Batman

200 year-old cookbook found in old kitchen draw

A 200 year-old cookbook by the 18th century equivalent to ‘Fanny Craddock’ found in the back of an old kitchen drawer – contains the first ever English recipe for curry.

The rare recipe book, ‘The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy’, lifts the lid on the unusual culinary tastes of Georgian Britain and includes baked calf’s head and pickled pigs feet....

Vehicle concepts by Rasmus Poulsen

Oh Hey That's Cool: A Robot That Can Learn, Think And Act On Its Own

Seen here about to get his coffee roofied as soon as he turns away, a professor from the Tokyo University of Technology shows off a robot fit with a "self-organizing incremental neural network" that allows the bot to learn, think and act on its own. You know, so robots really won't need us anymore. Now if you'll excuse me for a second...Hello, Mr. President? Forget the economy going to shit for a second -- we have an even bigger problem. CODE SILVER, MR. PRESIDENT -- CODE SILVER! (Because robots are silver)......

Cartooned attack

Humor in uniform

Brazil Prison Uses Geese As Alarm System

SAO PAULO -- An overcrowded prison in northeastern Brazil has added a new layer of security against escapes: two geese.
Sobral prison warden Wellington Picanco tells the G1 news website the geese make a lot of noise when they sense "strange movements."

He says the geese roaming the prison grounds also will help alert guards to the outbreak of violence among rival gangs at the overcrowded facility.
The prison was built to hold 153 inmates. It currently holds 255.
Calls to the prison for more details went unanswered.

Platform punching bags installed to help calm Chinese subway commuters

One commuter who missed his train lashes out on the bag in Shanghai with a powerful kick

As the Olympics approach, stressed out Tube commuters battling the crowds in London may like to take a leaf out of Shanghai's book on how to unwind - with punching bags, that is....

Cradle Inspired Chair

 Beautiful rocking chair provides safe and comfortable environment in which people can relax and dissipate the overstimulation of their senses.....

A Dream on Two Wheels – Man Rides Bicycle from Shanghai to London

Zheng Sheng, a 23-year-old college graduate from Shanghai, has fulfilled his dream of cycling across Eurasia, traveling 14,000 kilometers all the way to London.
When Zheng tried to convince sponsors to finance his daring dream, they all thought he was crazy, but he wasn’t about to let something as meaningless as money stand before him and his goal. With the help of his sister and a few friends, he managed to raise 13,000 yuan ($2,000), which he used to buy all the necessary gear for a bike ride from his home city of Shanghai to London. Before setting out on March 5, he posted on his microblog: “A journey 14,000 kilometers is the goal – here I go!”. He went though all kinds of challenges throughout the 136 days he spent cycling across 11 countries, but believe it or not, this ambitious young man reached his destination on July 18.

The fresh graduate from Shanghai’s Science and Technology University has always had a passion for cycling. Since 2008 he had ridden his bike from Shanghai to Sichuan Province and from there to Tibet, but he had never been outside the borders of China. After studying various maps for four months, he quit his job at a Shanghai company he was working at for just two months, and set out on his epic journey the day after he received all the necessary visas......

Dogs Reputation


Natsumi Hayashi – Tokyo’s Levitating Girl

Natumi Hayashi‘s blog featured all kinds of normal photos of herself, her pet cat, friends and Tokyo sights, but on September 16, 2010 she posted a photo entitled “Today’s Levitation”. The rest, as they say, is history…
Hayashi has become an Internet sensation after she began posting photos of herself levitating in all kinds of places around Tokyo. She told the Daily Mail it was an English idiom that inspired her to take the first photo of herself levitating - ‘to have one’s feet firmly planted on the ground’. Apparently they have the exact same phrase in Japan, but since she doesn’t consider herself a practical person she chose not to have her feet firmly on the ground in her self-portrait photos, to show how she really is. “In being free of gravity in the pictures, I am also not bound to societal conventions. I feel as though I am not tied to many things and able to be my true self.” the artist said in an interview. After taking her first levitation photo the frequency of “Today’s Levitation” gradually increased until she started posting a new photo every day.

What makes Natsumi’s photos so popular is her natural expression and pose which has you.............

Where is the turkey hiding

Professional shooters

Running for dear life!

Sports humor

10 Biggest Celebrity Houses

Your home is your own space, and you can practically do anything you want there. Of course, for the celebrities, there will be nothing grander than to give their home a definition of extravagance than to make it the biggest in Hollywood. From all walks of life, there are definitely those that started small yet now own some of the most amazing houses in the world. Comfort is no longer an issue, and it all comes down to how large they want their abode to be. Listed below are the top ten most notable biggest celebrity houses in the world.

10. Brad Pitt
There is no truer celebrity than Brad Pitt, and one would assume that an actor like his stature would have a home that speaks of his influence. Pitt designed his own home in Louisiana, and though his home was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, it boasted of a large private courtyard and a separate guesthouse that was two stories tall.....

Crazy drifts with his AC Cobra in the living room

Funny picture of people-Toothless smile

Sports humor-Funny poster

Heineken - Walk in Fridge


To kill time....

Magic Mouse discontinued in favor of Magic Trackpad?

According to Cult of Mac Apple is planning to discontinue its multi-touch Magic Mouse in the near future, pushing users to adopt the Magic Trackpad in order to make full use of the new gestures included in OS X Lion.
“We’ve gotten word from a previously reliable source that Apple is discontinuing the Magic Mouse in favor of the Magic Trackpad. Our retail source has informed us that Magic Mouse inventory is not being replenished for Apple stores, and that Apple is finally phasing out the Magic Mouse.”
I would be very unhappy if this is to occur and I hope this is just another Rumor being thrown to the public.
Article and Images via MacRumors

Adult humor pictures-Plumber's tool

Dark humor

Stunning Animal Sculptures Made of Car Tires

These Stunning Animal Sculptures are created by Korean artist Yong Ho Ji with layers of used tire strips bound together by synthetic resins on supporting frames of steel, wood, or Styrofoam. 

He uses rubber tires as his medium because he thinks of the material as a mutation, something that comes from nature but ends up looking entirely different from the original form. He also likes the material because it’s malleable and a close approximation to skin and muscles.

This 29-year-old has made a career out of sculpting larger-than-life animals. His Chelsea, New York studio is filled with hyenas, horses, felines, and the menacing ram’s head. His work is slowly beginning to achieve the recognition it thoroughly deserves. A shark he sculpted recently went for $145,000 at auction, and in December 2009, the Gana Art Gallery, where his fantastic artworks have earned him a prestigious live-in arts residency and studio, held his biggest opening in Seoul yet.


Either a different, older hand was photoshopped – or it was just bad lighting. Kind of looks dead to me. Also, look at her right pinky! (saw ad on pandora) 

Only Authenticated Portrait of Billy the Kid

The only known authenticated portrait of the infamous outlaw Billy the Kid recently sold for $2.3 million at an auction in Denver, Colorado. It depicts the gunfighter in rumpled clothes and a hat, gazing at the camera, while holding a 1873 Winchester rifle in one hand and a Colt revolver at his hip.

The tintype, an early form of photo using metal plates, is believed to have been taken outside a saloon at Fort Sumner, New Mexico in either 1879 or 1880.

Billy the Kid is widely thought to have killed 21 people, although some sources put the figure as high as 27. He was captured and sentenced to hang for the 1878 murder of a county sheriff. After escaping, he was hunted down and killed by Sheriff Patrick Floyd Garrett on July 14, 1881.

"There's only one photo of Billy the Kid, and I think that's why it captivates people's imagination," said Melissa McCracken, a spokeswoman from the auction house

Crazy Fashion Looks Ever

Fashion has always been a bit strange and unusual. Artists and fashion creators were always trying to find the strangest and most original expression and new ways to shock the public. Have a look at this great collection of the weirdest fashion creations. Some of them are not so successful.

Photos Taken At Unusual Angle